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Posted at May 30, 2010 by Dennis

Was in Riverside County over the weekend and decided to swing by this nursery I found online.  Very glad to have gone there because it is cactus and succulent nirvana I tell you.   Harvey is a self-proclaimed “cranky old man”. But he is really a super-nice person in secret. He just does not want to let you in on it. You’re bound to discover as I did on my very first visit to Mexican Hat Nursery. Great collection of cactus and succulents in about 6000 square feet of space. All the plants are crammed together. And, you have to do some amount of searching if you are hunting for a particular specie.  But they are in amazingly healthy state considering that Harvey takes care of everything all by himself.  I think he should get an assistant…ME!

Anyway, I scored myself a handful of euphorbias, large aeonium arboreums, astrophytums, gymnocalyciums, cotyledons and several yet to be determined species of cacti.   If I didn’t have another appointment that afternoon, I would have filled up my car with more.  The prices by the way are too low in my opinion.  Harvey still runs his nursery much like a garden…he’s not so commercially minded.  He even gave me a couple of small terra cotta pots for free.

Call the Mexican Hat Cactus Nursery first before driving over there as Harvey steps out for errands sometimes. Here is their contact info:

11152 Palm Terrace Ln
Riverside, CA 92505
(909) 687-9055

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